Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Traditional Kung Fu

 In recent years as mixed martial arts has grown in popularity traditional approaches to training martial arts have declined.  As a result, our modern day environment has influenced our perspective on the effectiveness of various approaches to martial arts.  Mixed martial arts in particular has evolved into a self-contained competition based fighting system all it's own.  Every good MMA fighter understands the importance of timing, position and sensitivity that exist within the framework of the system.  The ones that don't train these qualities through repetition lose. 

In the same way that MMA demands certain qualities to increase chances of victory in the ring, traditional Kung Fu refines qualities to accomplish this goal in situations of self preservation.  Wing Chun in particular is designed to refine qualities of movement needed to negotiate forces during the collision of self-defense.  In most real encounters these collisions result in unskilled fighters stuck together going to the ground.  At Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu the goal is simple.  Our objective is to apply basic concepts and principles to every aspect of motion during defense.  This pursuit combines refinement of both the mind and body for decision making during stress as well as application of techniques during the same moment.  To accomplish this at the highest level is the sole purpose of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.  For more information visit our website at

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu

Wing Chun Dallas is a Kung Fu school dedicated to practicing and applying fundamental concepts and principles of Wing Chun to every aspect of motion during self-defense.  The school was created to give students a place to refine and cultivate skills in Kung Fu with a realistic approach to self-defense. Our mission is to develop the pure essentials of  Wing Chun into an art form.

The head instructor Sifu Michael Herrera has practiced and refined the art since June of 1994 under Sifu Karl Godwin  Sifu Mike has taught many students in Austin Texas and is now opening a location in Dallas.  For more information visit our website and stay in touch for the grand opening.