Friday, May 23, 2014

Kung Fu and The Mind

Our fast paced world erodes mental focus by slicing it into small blurry pieces. The practice of Kung Fu rebuilds and strengthens the mind through methods of intense mental focus.  The training methods  at Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu are designed to continuously sharpen the minds awareness through a focused awareness during the entire workout.

When practicing Kung Fu the mind's focus should be pushed to it's limits. Properly training the mind's focus during every exercise creates an awareness that can unlock new areas of skill development.  This is a key characteristic of a skill based practiced vs. one which requires extreme cardio conditioning or explosive strength. For more information about our unique approach please email Sifu Michael Herrera for class times or read more at

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Man Sao and Wu Sao

Proper positioning must be constantly refined through meticulous training.
At Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu our training methods focus on applying simple concepts to practical situations of self-defense.  A great example of this is the concept of  Man Sao (inquisitive or asking hand) and Wu Sao (guard or protective hand) which can be used in a simple yet profound way.  The basic idea behind these positions is to protect the centerline while transitioning into applied techniques of Wing Chun. 

Every aspect of engagement must be continuously reevaluated.

The forward hand Man Sao can be used to investigates and negotiate opportunities in the forward gate while Wu Sao protects and maintains the rear gate.  From this position the hands should be able to smoothly transition from the forward to the rear gate while exchanging responsibilities during collision. Developing unique qualities of movement during these transitions is the focus of our daily training.
Sifu Michael Herrera in a basic Man Sao and Wu Sao position.

The meticulous practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu allows for the refinement of basic techniques, such as Man Sao and Wu Sao, into an art form. Becoming more effective through higher levels of position and timing during initial movements can unlock access to future techniques.  If you would like to know more please email for class information or visit