Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fastest Growing Wing Chun School in Dallas

Great place to learn and practice Wing Chun Kung Fu! I feel so fortunate to train with such great students. If you would like information about our classes please email or call Mike Herrera or visit our Website.  Just for fun here is an action shot from this past week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Great Workout Environment

Another great workout with a great group of Wing Chun students.  If you have ever considered learning a martial art I invite you to come out for a free workout. Our approach is unique when compared to other martial arts and I engourage you to experience it for yourself. We train hard together and help each other to improve and grow as students of the art.  Wing Chun must be felt to appreciate it and practiced meticulously to develop it's full potential. If you would like to arrange a personal introduction to our method please email Michael Herrera.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Softest Becomes the Strongest

Our logo translates as "The Softest Becomes the Strongest".  Soft should not be mistaken for weak or deficient. Instead, soft refers to qualities created through refined position, timing and alignment.  Creating skill that is independent of natural resources by removing edges and levers through elbow position and joint alignment are signatures of a soft approach.  To truly appreciate this approach it must be felt thousands of times.  This is why at Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu we continuously train with a hands on approach throughout every workout.  If you are interested in experiencing our unique approach to the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu please visit us during any of our class times or contact Michael Herrera for a free introduction.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kung Fu Training Special Offer

Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu is offering special introductory training sessions for new members this Fall.   Requirements are simple.  Show up for a free introductory lesson and be ready to learn the art of Wing Chun. This introduction is good for both beginners and advanced students. Come and experience the difference of Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu for yourself.  Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to meet you soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu Shirts

The t-shirts are finally in! Really excited about the new shirts.  They are great to workout in!

Had a great workout followed by some breakfast tacos.  I can't think of a better way to start the weekend.  If you haven't come out to train with us yet its not too late.  Beginners and advanced students are welcome.  Please email for a free introductory lesson.

Finally a big thank you to Sifu Mullen, a student of Bill Graves, for coming out to support us. We hope to invite and have other schools in the area to visit soon as well.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday Special Event

This Saturday August 2nd we are hosting a special event training session with multiple Kung Fu schools and guest for the opening of our new Wing Chun training facility.  Come and join us for a unique look at what we do here in Dallas. The main training session will be Saturday morning 8:30-10:00 with refreshments and special features following from 10:00-12:00.  Space is limited so please secure a spot by email as soon as possible.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kung Fu School Opening

If you are looking to practice traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu or supplement your own martial arts training, we are now accepting new students!  Come and experience our dynamic hands on approach to practicing the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu is a kung fu school dedicated to preserving the original concepts and ideas that made Ip Man famous. Please email Michael Herrera for more information or stop by for an introduction and see what makes us different from the status quo.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mind, Spirit and Movement

Michael Herrera doing Chi Sao with Karl Godwin
The goal of anyone practicing Kung Fu under a teacher is to develop the qualities of their mind, spirit and movement. A teacher should be constantly influencing these qualities within a student.  Properly transmitting these qualities requires time, patience and hard work for both teacher and student.  Over time these qualities become the foundation for future skill development.

Michael Herrera doing Chi Sao with Karl Godwin
These qualities can be seen, but more importantly felt by others.  Many of these qualities take years to develop. If a teacher is also developing higher levels of skill over time the pursuit of these qualities between a student and teacher can take a lifetime.  Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu was created to give students the opportunity to train and refine qualities given to me by my teacher Karl Godwin.  To take advantage of an introductory lesson please email Michael Herrera at

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Visit With My Teacher

Michael Herrera with Karl Godwin
I Just got back from visiting my teacher Karl Godwin at Seminole Wing Chun in Florida. Great visit! Simply put my teacher is the ultimate realization of our goal here in Dallas to refine the pure essentials of Wing Chun into an art form.
Michael Herrera doing Chi Sao with Karl Godwin
What did we work on? The pure essentials of Wing Chun!  Thanks for such a great visit Sifu.  More articles, pictures and videos to come related to both the visit and the opening of our Kung Fu school in the LBJ shopping center this week.  If you are interested in training with us the school is opening soon Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu call or email for an introductory lesson.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hard Work and Skill

Developing refined skill over time
Kung Fu relates to any skill developed through hard work. However, in modern times the term Kung Fu has been used almost exclusively to refer to Chinese martial arts. Most practitioners of these arts teach and practice many methods and techniques without taking the time to develop refined skill through hard work.  I myself have have been guilty of this superficial approach. In my experience the reason for this shortcoming originates from the idea of application.  Martial artist want to know if their techniques will work in real life situations.  They want to know if their techniques will pass the ultimate test of martial arts "Application".
Developing elbow position during precision drills
Wing Chun Dallas is a Kung Fu school dedicated to developing and refining skill based martial art with a realistic approach to application. When applying martial arts to self-defense our approach is holistic rather than situational. This allows for maximizing development of skill rather than situational games of natural resources. For more information on our methods, how we train or to get started email Sifu Michael Herrera at  or read more at

Friday, May 23, 2014

Kung Fu and The Mind

Our fast paced world erodes mental focus by slicing it into small blurry pieces. The practice of Kung Fu rebuilds and strengthens the mind through methods of intense mental focus.  The training methods  at Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu are designed to continuously sharpen the minds awareness through a focused awareness during the entire workout.

When practicing Kung Fu the mind's focus should be pushed to it's limits. Properly training the mind's focus during every exercise creates an awareness that can unlock new areas of skill development.  This is a key characteristic of a skill based practiced vs. one which requires extreme cardio conditioning or explosive strength. For more information about our unique approach please email Sifu Michael Herrera for class times or read more at

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Man Sao and Wu Sao

Proper positioning must be constantly refined through meticulous training.
At Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu our training methods focus on applying simple concepts to practical situations of self-defense.  A great example of this is the concept of  Man Sao (inquisitive or asking hand) and Wu Sao (guard or protective hand) which can be used in a simple yet profound way.  The basic idea behind these positions is to protect the centerline while transitioning into applied techniques of Wing Chun. 

Every aspect of engagement must be continuously reevaluated.

The forward hand Man Sao can be used to investigates and negotiate opportunities in the forward gate while Wu Sao protects and maintains the rear gate.  From this position the hands should be able to smoothly transition from the forward to the rear gate while exchanging responsibilities during collision. Developing unique qualities of movement during these transitions is the focus of our daily training.
Sifu Michael Herrera in a basic Man Sao and Wu Sao position.

The meticulous practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu allows for the refinement of basic techniques, such as Man Sao and Wu Sao, into an art form. Becoming more effective through higher levels of position and timing during initial movements can unlock access to future techniques.  If you would like to know more please email for class information or visit

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Traditional Kung Fu

 In recent years as mixed martial arts has grown in popularity traditional approaches to training martial arts have declined.  As a result, our modern day environment has influenced our perspective on the effectiveness of various approaches to martial arts.  Mixed martial arts in particular has evolved into a self-contained competition based fighting system all it's own.  Every good MMA fighter understands the importance of timing, position and sensitivity that exist within the framework of the system.  The ones that don't train these qualities through repetition lose. 

In the same way that MMA demands certain qualities to increase chances of victory in the ring, traditional Kung Fu refines qualities to accomplish this goal in situations of self preservation.  Wing Chun in particular is designed to refine qualities of movement needed to negotiate forces during the collision of self-defense.  In most real encounters these collisions result in unskilled fighters stuck together going to the ground.  At Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu the goal is simple.  Our objective is to apply basic concepts and principles to every aspect of motion during defense.  This pursuit combines refinement of both the mind and body for decision making during stress as well as application of techniques during the same moment.  To accomplish this at the highest level is the sole purpose of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.  For more information visit our website at

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wing Chun Dallas Kung Fu

Wing Chun Dallas is a Kung Fu school dedicated to practicing and applying fundamental concepts and principles of Wing Chun to every aspect of motion during self-defense.  The school was created to give students a place to refine and cultivate skills in Kung Fu with a realistic approach to self-defense. Our mission is to develop the pure essentials of  Wing Chun into an art form.

The head instructor Sifu Michael Herrera has practiced and refined the art since June of 1994 under Sifu Karl Godwin  Sifu Mike has taught many students in Austin Texas and is now opening a location in Dallas.  For more information visit our website and stay in touch for the grand opening.