Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hard Work and Skill

Developing refined skill over time
Kung Fu relates to any skill developed through hard work. However, in modern times the term Kung Fu has been used almost exclusively to refer to Chinese martial arts. Most practitioners of these arts teach and practice many methods and techniques without taking the time to develop refined skill through hard work.  I myself have have been guilty of this superficial approach. In my experience the reason for this shortcoming originates from the idea of application.  Martial artist want to know if their techniques will work in real life situations.  They want to know if their techniques will pass the ultimate test of martial arts "Application".
Developing elbow position during precision drills
Wing Chun Dallas is a Kung Fu school dedicated to developing and refining skill based martial art with a realistic approach to application. When applying martial arts to self-defense our approach is holistic rather than situational. This allows for maximizing development of skill rather than situational games of natural resources. For more information on our methods, how we train or to get started email Sifu Michael Herrera at  or read more at